TTT - Regelwerk [Englisch/English]

  • Hello community!

    Here you can find the rules for the game TTT.

    (Translations may not be 100% correct)

    §1 RandomKilling

    - You aren't allowed to kill a player without a reason.

    - If a player dont uses the "Traitor-Tester", you are still not allowed to kill him.

    - It's also Randomkilling if you watch a stream and kill the streamer because you see his role.
    - You aren't allowed to broadcast traitor 'stuff' to other players.

    §2 Useless Deathmatch

    -You'Re not allowed to hit players without a reason. Even if it's fun, it's not allowed!

    §3 Ghosting

    - If you aren't ingame (if you're a spectator or dead player), you aren't allowed to tell others, who killed you or who is a traitor.

    §4 Disregarding the game-concept

    - A detective isn't allowed to abuse his 'power'. He mustn't force somebody to do anything, thats not realli helpful for the game.

    §5 Accepting this rules

    - If you join this network, you automaticly accept all our rules.

    (Information: You should watch this rules sometimes because they can change everytime.)


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