Teamspeak 3 Rules

By entering the teamspeak, you accept these rules!

➤ Rules of conduct

1.1) It is forbidden to constantly switch back and forth between the channels.

1.2) Mermaid is generally prohibited. And can be punished with a team strike or a ban.

1.3) Spamming is forbidden in any channel, you should let others have their say.

1.4) It is forbidden to mute a team member, this can be punished to a ban.

1.5) Despicable, right-wing extremist comments and images are prohibited.

1.6) Exclusion of minorities is not tolerated.

1.7) Propaganda of the right or left scene is forbidden.

Pornographic content, discrimination, harassment, stalking and other violations of human dignity are prohibited.

➤ General rules

2.1) Generally speaking, this teamspeak is friendly to others.

2.2) Insults of any kind are to be avoided.

2.3) Insults are allowed in a small form, but may not be used against persons.

2.4) The distribution of other server IPs is prohibited and will be punished as advertising.

2.5) VPN or other location changers are prohibited.

➤ Support rules

3.1) The use of the support waiting room is prohibited. Among them is constant joining and limbing from the support room,

to ask questions that have nothing to do with ClayMC. Questions about plugin support or CloudNET support are seen as support exploitation.

3.2) Outside of the support hours, no team member is obliged to provide support.

3.3) You cannot apply to the Teamspeak. Applications, deprivation requests and transfer of rank can only be applied for in the forum!

➤ Data protection

4.1) Private data such as telephone number, address, pictures, etc. may not be published. A team member will never ask you for passwords and personal information.

4.2) The recording of votes in the Teamspeak is prohibited, because it violates data protection, even if it is considered as evidence.

4.2) Advertising is absolutely prohibited and will be punished with a temporary ban.

4.3) Fraud is not tolerated and will be punished with a permanent ban in Teamspeak3).

4.4) No drinking anything of alcohol on this teamspeak!

➤ Usernames in the Teamspeak

5.1) Usernames must not attack or injure anyone personally.

5.2) It is forbidden to impersonate a person or a member of a group of persons if this does not correspond to reality.

5.3) Teamspeak names must be associated with those players and spam characters are prohibited here.

5.4) The user name may not be used to advertise goods or services or as advertising.

➤ Behavior in case of rule violations

6.1) In case of a rule violation, first contact a team member, then the problem will be described to this team member and an attempt will be made to find a solution.

6.2) In principle, penalties shall only be imposed in an appropriate degree of hardship and for the appropriate reason.

In case of a punishment, it is possible to apply for a deportation request in the forum with the aim of reducing or abolishing the punishment.

6.3) Possible penalties are: exclusion from ClayMC. net Teamspeak (Ban) / warning (kick or delete your channel)

➤ Musicbots

7.1) Playing music is only allowed in private channels with a password.

7.2) Musicbots must be named like the owner e. g. Musikbot - name or name - Musikbot.

7.3) Music about one's own identity (identity that is spoken about) is forbidden and counts as a soundboard.

➤ Soundboards and voice distortion

8.1) Soundboards and voice distortion are generally prohibited and will be punished with a temporary ban.

8.2) We do not support bugs triggered by soundboards and voice distortion.

The owner of the Bots is responsible for any fees (GEMA) that may be incurred.

The use of automated functions (bots), also with the help of external programs, is prohibited.

➤ Rights of the team members

9.1) Each team member may punish violations of the rules at his own discretion. The team can decide when a rule intervenes and when it does not.

9.2) Generally speaking, the highest rank decides on the amount of penalties.

9.3) The following range division is available with us:

a.) Administration

b.) Development

c.) Sr. moderation

d.) Moderation

e.) Support

f.) Construction team

9.4) The administration may grant exceptions.

9.5) Generally speaking, repeat offenders are severely punished.

9.6) In the distribution of penalties, ignorance does not protect anyone from punishment.

➤ Various contact possibilities

Twitter "@ClayMCNetwork"

Forum "ClayMC. net/Forum"

Imprint "ClayMC. net/Imprint"

and of course we can also take care of your request in support.

ClayMC. net | Booth: 11/11/2017 | gz. Tribbleplayer & BradenZ | The use of this teamspeak is a privilege, not a right.